The Proactive Plan for Care
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Registered Nursing

Proactive Home Care Plan

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Registered Nursing

Proactive Home Care Plan


Coordinated Compassion.

Nurses are the backbone of healthcare, and the backbone of Paradigm HomeCare. Whether a patient is recovering from surgery, battling a chronic disease, or struggling with a new diagnosis, Paradigm’s team of Registered Nurses (RNs) has the experience and compassion to help.

Our home-health nurses work closely with the physician, following through on prescribed treatments to put into action a proactive plan for healing. It begins with a comprehensive review of the patient’s condition and situation.

Proactive Nursing Plan

  • Head-to-toe assessment of vital signs, medical history, and current medical needs
  • Complete review of all medications, including over-the-counter
  • Evaluation for any therapy needs (physical, occupational, speech) and medical equipment
  • Coordination with the physician and any specialists to create and implement a unique plan of care

Each nursing and therapy plan is custom-tailored to the unique needs of the patient.

Ask your doctor if a nursing evaluation from Paradigm HomeCare is right for you or your loved one.


A broad scope of care.

The RN’s role goes far beyond coordinating care with doctors and assisting with follow-up appointments. Our nurses also provide important education for patients and caregivers on medications, medical equipment, disease processes, diet and fluid restrictions, wound care, pain relief, home safety, and emergency preparedness. They can perform lab work, give injections, and provide care for central lines, PEG tubes, and catheters. And they’re always available for questions by phone and home visits as needed.


Nursing care tailored to the patient.

Every patient comes home with individual needs based on circumstances, disease processes, and recovery goals. Paradigm’s RNs have more than 100 years’ combined experience in assessing the big picture and tailoring each patient’s plan in caring detail. Specific priorities of personalized care:

  • Disease education. How to recognize symptoms, when to call 911 and when to call a nurse, how to comply with a disease-specific diet, and the appropriate use of medications.
  • Physician communication. Helping patients and their caregivers understand the Physician’s clinical care plan and how to adhere to it for a successful recover.
  • Quality of life. Helping patients and caregivers achieve independence in managing their healthcare needs.


Determined to make a difference.

A Paradigm RN brings confidence that the patient’s care is being managed by an experienced professional dedicated to achieving the fullest potential recovery. The real value of this confidence becomes clear when everyone involved—patient, caregiver, physician, therapists, and nurses—feel connected in a proactive plan that’s working to restore the greatest possible independence and quality of life.

by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services*

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*Legal Disclaimer: Ranking is for the Paradigm Tyler, TX location. The Paradigm Plano, TX location is currently ranked 4.5 Stars.