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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Care

Proactive Home Care Plan

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Multiple Sclerosis Care

Proactive Home Care Plan

Multiple Sclerosis

Make the Most of it.

By its effects on factors including balance, strength, coordination, and vision, multiple sclerosis (MS) brings the patient and family a number of big, unexpected challenges. But Paradigm HomeCare can help surmount those challenges, with our multi-disciplinary approach to evaluation, treatment, and recovery.

Our experienced team of nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy clinicians will recommend constructive ways for patients to thrive at home. Together, we’ll provide the tools and tactics needed to slow the progression of symptoms, improve in function, and grow in independence.

MS Plan Goals

  • Educate patient and family on MS and its treatment
  • Maintain or improve posture, balance, gait, and flexibility
  • Optimize patient’s abilities for activities of daily living
  • Coordinate medical equipment and outpatient care when needed
  • Promote overall health and independence

Paradigm works to help each patient live life to the fullest.


Health and happiness

Our nursing professionals work to educate, evaluate, and coordinate, administering an integrated plan of care.

  • Educate and instruct on disease process and pain management
  • Help manage medications
  • Coordinate care among providers
  • Evaluate for symptoms of depression
  • Monitor and assess for urinary tract infections
  • Assess skin health
  • Promote overall health, including teaching on diagnoses other than MS

Physical Therapy

Work in progress

Paradigm’s physical therapists help the patient maintain or improve strength and stability, while managing symptoms such as pain, dizziness, and fatigue. The skills and techniques established in physical therapy provide the basis for improving mobility and independence.

  • Teach techniques for pain management, flexibility, and fatigue reduction
  • Implement circuit training for strength, stamina, and core stability
  • Address any dizziness from stiffness in the head and neck
  • Work on posture, balance, and gait

Occupational Therapy

On with life

Through standard skills tests and a customized plan of action, our therapists will assess each patient’s abilities and set them on the path to achieving their goals.

Once we’ve worked through the care plan and the patient has reached his/her goals, we’ll provide continuing assistance, including home strengthening exercises—and even Tai Chi when applicable. Paradigm’s Management and Evaluation Program means we’re always there to help patients and their families make the most of life

  • Administer a Modified Fatigue Impact Scale (MFSI)
  • Perform Canadian Occupational Performance Measure
  • Perform environmental modifications and home safety assessments
  • Work on Activities of Daily Living

by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services*

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