The Proactive Plan for Care
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Orthopedic Hip Knee Shoulder In Home Care

Orthopedic Care

Proactive Hip, Knee, & Shoulder Plan

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Orthopedic Care

Proactive Hip, Knee, & Shoulder Plan

Orthopedic Hip Knee Shoulder

Connecting with Confidence

Choosing orthopedic surgery is a big step toward moving and living more freely. The next step is selecting a Home Health Team equipped to help make recovery as fast and smooth as possible. At Paradigm HomeCare, that’s our specialty.

Every day for more than 10 years, Paradigm’s experienced Physical and Occupational Therapy Team has been providing superior care for orthopedic patients, including those recovering from hip, knee, and shoulder replacements. We proactively collaborate with surgeons, patients, and families to bring the confidence of our expertise to the entire recovery process.

Proactive Recovery Goals

  1. Promote healing
  2. Reduce pain
  3. Prevent injury
  4. Restore function, strength, range of motion, and mobility
  5. Instruct patients on safe, appropriate, self-guided progress
  6. Teach the proper use of assistive devices, and how to dress and bathe safely

Each therapy plan is custom-tailored to the unique needs of the patient.

Paradigm will start your care the day after you go home from the hospital.

Step 1

Assessing your situation.

After joint-replacement surgery, every patient comes home to a unique set of circumstances. Paradigm's Proactive Recovery Plan starts with a comprehensive assessment of the things that can affect individual progress, from the condition of the surgical site to the patient’s overall health to the medication plan. Our team will also consider other factors, such as whether the home environment allows for safe mobility, and whether caregiver support is adequate.

Step 2

The Road to recovery starts at home.

The Proactive Recovery Plan begins in the comfort of the patient’s home, where the physical The therapist will help develop a program for a return to more normal activity.

The patient will learn how to:

  • Promote his or her own recovery
  • Avoid injury
  • Determine when it’s safe to do more
  • Properly use assistive devices
  • Manage daily activities like bathing and dressing

The therapist will incorporate exercises that:

  • Restore strength, function, and range of motion
  • Support healing
  • Reduce pain

Step 3

Poised for a comeback.

Every patient’s recovery goal is different, yet they all share one common motivation: the return to confident living. For some that might be as ambitious as running a marathon; for others, it might be as simple as playing with the grandchildren or moving safely around the home and neighborhood.

In collaboration with the surgeon, Paradigm tailors each therapy program to the patient’s unique objectives, creating the optimum transition back into the life they love.

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