The Proactive Plan for Care
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Heart Cardiac Care

Cardiac Care

Proactive Home Care Plan

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Cardiac Care

Proactive Home Care Plan

Cardio Cardiac Heart Care

Life Saving. Life-living.

Patients with cardiac disease often feel discouraged by the limits the condition places on their lives. But Paradigm’s CardioCare program can help patients and their families get back to more of the activities they love. Whether following hospitalization or seeking to prevent it, our goal is to help restore as much quality of life as possible, and we achieve it through proven intervention techniques aimed at giving patients and caregivers confidence to independently manage the disease.

Proactive Management Goals

  1. Improve quality of life
  2. Reduce hospitalizations overall
  3. Coordinate care among clinical providers
  4. Manage symptoms
  5. Optimize use of medications
  6. Educate patients and caregivers
  7. Conduct rehab therapy with assertive, individualized goals
  8. Increase physical activity and endurance

Each nursing and therapy plan is custom-tailored to the unique needs of the patient.

Step 1

Rely on our resources.

Paradigm’s CardioCare program is built on the expertise of an experienced, clinical team equipped to provide comprehensive services throughout our service region. From coordinating critical care (for hospital patients discharging with home health we adhere to a next-day admission standard) to helping ensure consistency among clinical providers for each patient, our CardioCare professionals employ a proven quality-assurance program to implement doctors’ orders, facilitate continuity of care, and educate patients and caregivers to manage the disease independently.

Step 2

Learn to get better.

Nurses are essential to the CardioCare program. Our nurses are extensively trained and experienced in assessing each patient’s situation in order to develop a personalized plan, teaching patients and caregivers using industry-leading education materials, and using routine home visits and remote monitoring to stay ahead of any problems. During acute needs at the beginning of care, nurses’ home visits are scheduled more frequently.

Patients receive weekly goals that encourage them to manage their progress, along with education on signs and symptoms so they know when and how to report them.

Step 3

Getting a second wind.

Paradigm fields a superior therapy team that has delivered more than 90,000 visits while attaining more than 250 years of combined experience. Our therapists engage each patient in an individualized program designed to bring more independence as quickly as is appropriate for their condition. Another advanced component of the CardioCare program is Paradigm’s telehealth technology—an innovative system in which the patient uses a simple device to complete a health check and then remotely communicate vital signs and other information to Paradigm. Designed to minimize complications, hospitalizations, and costs, the telehealth system is provided at no cost to the patient for appropriate candidates.

Ask your doctor if the CardioCare program from Paradigm HomeCare is right for you or your loved one.

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