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Balance Fall & Prevention Care

Balance Care

Proactive Mobility Plan

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Balance Care

Proactive Mobility Plan

Balance Fall & Prevention Care

The Power of Balance

Few things affect someone’s quality of life more than the ability to move safely on their own two feet. Yet each year, more than one in three seniors will experience a fall, and the risk increases with age.* Our On Balance Proactive Mobility Plan employs a proven plan of individualized assessment, goal-setting, physical therapy, and nursing care to help minimize the risk of falls, restore activity, monitor progress, and make life easier for patients and care-givers.

Proactive Mobility Goals

Through standard skills tests and a customized plan of action, our therapists will assess each patient’s abilities and set them on the path to achieving their goals.

Once we’ve worked through the care plan and the patient has reached his/her goals, we’ll provide continuing assistance, including home strengthening exercises—and even Tai Chi when applicable. Paradigm’s Management and Evaluation Program means we’re always there to help patients and their families make the most of life

  1. Minimize fall risk
  2. Increase activity tolerance
  3. Restore physical activity
  4. Minimize age-related balance decline
  5. Reduce caregiver burden
  6. Implement a practical plan to maintain gains
  7. Minimize symptoms and causes that increase risk

Each therapy plan is custom-tailored to the unique needs of the patient.

Step 1

Exploring the issues, inside and out.

Certain conditions increase the risk of falls. If the patient has muscle weakness, dizziness, vision problems, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, or other disorders, our therapists will address the symptoms to help reduce the risk.

Our staff will also look at the total home situation to find environmental factors that can contribute to risk. Then we’ll recommend ways to improve home safety and minimize the chances of a dangerous fall.

Step 2

Measuring movement—and improvement.

Paradigm is uniquely equipped to determine the patient’s fall risks and how to address them. Simple assessments include functional reach, one-legged stand, sit-to-stand, and walking-distance measurements, as well as clinical gait and balance tests.

Our therapists will check the patient’s posture, range of motion, and overall body strength. Neurologic screening will test for factors such as sensation and reflexes, all of which influence the patient’s ability to move about safely.

They’ll repeat these assessments throughout the program to check for progress and decide when the plan should be adjusted or ended.

Step 3

Building better balance.

Returning a patient to his or her greatest potential means combining proven assessment, treatment, and education by Paradigm’s experienced physical therapists and Registered Nurses (RNs).

Our physical therapists instruct patients in strength exercises, balance and weight-shifting, stepping in several directions and on different surfaces, posture strengthening, and much more.

Our RNs assess the patient’s medications and their effects, educate them on nutrition, hydration, and the effects of disease, and oversee their therapy and clinical appointments.

*National Institutes of Health

by Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services*

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